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Pin sạc Cheero Power Plus 2 10400mAh
Pin sạc Cheero Power Plus 2 10400mAh (Silver)
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Sản phẩm từ Japan, dung lượng pin lên đến 10400mAh

Chất liệu làm bằng kim loại được mạ ánh kim tuyệt đẹp và tinh tế

Hỗ trợ sạc 2 thiết bị cùng 1 lúc với 2 ports: 1A và 2.1A giúp sạc nhanh cho cả iPhone và iPad

Quản lý nguồn năng lượng dễ dàng với 3 mức năng lượng từ chỉ thị LED

1.190.000 vnđ
(Miễn phí hướng dẫn, cài đặt và giao hàng tận nơi)
Pin sạc Cheero Power Plus 2 10400mAh
Pin sạc Cheero Power Plus 2 10400mAh

Thông số kỹ thuật
What say even if the large capacity. Travel, making it ideal for disaster recovery.
Of course everyday use in smartphone also, for those of heavy users such as Wifi router, is released from the trouble of charging out and if put in bag with once charged, it 10400mAh. cost performance best bestseller smartphone can charge about 5 times.

In two ports, can be two simultaneous charging. At the output port of 2.1A, high-speed charging tablet such as iPad.
USB power supply capable iPhone, iPad, smartphone, Tablet, Wifi router, Kindle, game machine, etc., can be charged in a broad device. Unchanged previous work, peace of mind in the large capacity of 10,400mAh (iPhone, smartphone, etc. about 5 times), two simultaneous possible charge.

In addition to 1A there is 2.1A port, iPad, etc. also is capable of high-speed charging. In addition, there is automatic power OFF function, do not worry about the discharge turned OFF automatically after charging.

※ 2.1A port, automatic power OFF function is also unsupported device.

Matte gloss aluminum material, in two colors silver and black.
Chic two colors of a classy matte Arumiboti, design no discomfort to the business scene. It is a familiar good body in hand at the site where the rounded.

Three stages of indicator that reveals the battery level.
Battery level in three stages of LED lights I find. With LED lights, such as when streets at night or power outage, it is also safe when If the.

At the same time I can charge two
In the two output ports with, and simultaneously can charge two devices. 2.1A from the port also fast charge iPad.

Nhà sản xuất: Cheero - Japan
Loại: Power Bank
Compatibility: iPhone / iPad / iPad mini, MicroUSB compatible smartphone / mobile, Wi-Fi router, etc.
Battery capacity: 10400mAh
Protective function:
  • 1) overcharge (voltage / current) when automatic stop function
  • 2) over-discharge (voltage / current) when automatic stop function
  • 3) short of (short) when automatic stop function
  • 4) heat generation during the automatic stop function of the time of ※ device fully charged automatic stop is also available un-compatible models.
Input: 5V / 1A
Output: 5V / 1A and 5V / 2.1A
Charge Time: About 10-12 hours (for 1A USB adapter available)
Available number of times: About 500 times
Size: 111 × 80 × 22mm (L / W / T)
Color: Black, Silver
Weight: 290g
In the box:
  • Cheero External Battery
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Túi vải
  • Manual User
pin sạc Cheero Power Plus 2 10400mAh

pin sạc Cheero Power Plus 2 10400mAh

pin sạc Cheero Power Plus 2 10400mAh

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